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Les histoires d'Eliza


Born in 2007 during a workshop in Italy, this virtual person "is" through the postcards that "she" sends from all over the world. you can visit her blog:

Postcards from all around the world, thousands of places that visualize ELIZA's presence, her moves and her thoughts. ELIZA will therefore be able to travel in the real world, thanks to you. Your postcard and the stamp will attest where ELIZA has been. Like pieces from a worldwide schizophrenic domino, the postcards will finally form Eliza. For as long as she travels, all the places Eliza visits will be noted on a geographic map of the world, and the postcards will be visible for the community too. ELIZA yourself too and invite your friends!

You're still welcome to participate and being part of Eliza:

Choose a "souvenir" postcard from where you live, from where you come from, or from the place you are visiting. Write something on it. Send your greetings in the language you prefer. Sign ELIZA and send it to:

C.A.M. c/o Palazzo Lucarini Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Via Beato Placido Riccardi 11 06039 Trevi (PG) Italy

=========================================================================== ELIZA-C

She also invites herself to school in 2009 and become a blog where all pupils publish artistic works under her name. She became Eliza-C:



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Les histoires d'Eliza