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One day action

MILAN (may 2016), NAPLES (September 2016)

SophieUsunier was invited on a proposition of the Association #ArtCityLab, that work for the contemporary and #relationalcity, to make four workshop, every Friday from 13 May 2016, with a group of people. Sophie chose the idea of realizing a #realinteractive blog into the city using the existing structures in the #urban space: the stop of public transport. She chose the yellow common #postit to make the action. The result will be very interesting, because the participants and the people waiting for their #bus will be really involved. The idea that some bus stops become an open #urbanblog for a day works very well because a lots of #people pass by, stop to wait for the bus, and can get involved more easily. It work like a #social #networking like Twitter, where people can leave some messages, a sort of ephemeral meeting where people share some thoughts. The theme in Milan will be the #city and the #culture: Beyond the culture, the people should express their wish about change in the city, culture, education, live and feel good together.Sophie Usunier is an artist born in France in 1971, who work more in Italy. She art works usually deriving from social-cultural reflections , matured in temporary actions and ins tallations. Promemoria UrbanBlog it has been realized previously in 2009 in a nursing home, reflecting on the lost of memories, then in different art galleries, and in the city of Tallinn, Estonia, more similar to the #actioninMilan.


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