Sophie Usunier ART WORKS



"[...] Definition. When any given bodies of the same or different magnitude are compelled by other bodies to remain in contact, or if they be moved at the same or different rates of speed, so that their mutual movements should preserve among themselves a certain fixed relation, we say that such bodies are in union, and that together they compose one body or individual, which is distinguished from other bodies by this fact of union […]" (Spinoza, Ethics)

Visual artist with French origin, Italian by adoption and nomad mind, my art work is usually linked with the everyday life and popular objects or images that surround us and seem to create a stability, and closely connected with what and where I live. I question myself on the bases and mechanisms of our societies, on the things that surround us and seem to create a stability, on the archetypes that rule and sustain the world. These bring me to a kind of anthropological analysis, constructed with beliefs and interpretations of the world, and to a contemplation of the smallest and often insignificant things. Through the use of different technics and languages, I overcome customs so to gain new shapes, and new origins to be.

Among the exhibitions and the events, I've collaborated with: FRAC Lorraine (Metz, France); International video Festival (Tallinn, Estonia); CAB, centre d'Art Bastille (Grenoble, France); Pavillon Kayserguet (Strasbourg, France); Placentia Arte (Piacenza, Italy); Neon (Bologna/Milano, Italy); Fabbrica del Vapore (Milan, Italy); ACB, scène nazionale (Bar-le-Duc, France); Triennale Design Museum (Milan, Italy); Museo Arte Contemporanea (Lissone, Italy), Haarman Bloedow haus (Berlin, Germany); Museo Laboratorio Ex-Manufactura Tabacchi (Città Sant'Angelo, Italy); Z2o (Roma, Italy); PAV, Parco Arte Vivente (Torino, Italy); Fondazione SoutHeritage (Matera, Italy); MadinFilandia (Arezzo, Italy)…