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Three times upon a time

sound poem in three movements duration: 48 min

1-Door I : "Tutto è mente, l'universo è mentale" (The all is mind, The universe is mental) 15:14

2-Door II : "Com'è sopra, così è sotto; com'è sotto, così è sopra" (As above, so below; as below, so above) 15:25

3-Door III : "Nulla è in quiete, ogni cosa si muove, ogni cosa vibra" (Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates) 16:30

This cd has been realized in december 2016, following the art residency "Per un rinnovato mecenatismo di contrada" in july 2016 with the cultural sponsorship of the association " I Battilana", Contrada della Torre in Siena. Dedicated to the mysterious and magical city of Siena, to the timeless space of the Palio, to all its inhabitants, especially to the inhabitants of the Contrada della Torre.



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Three times upon a time