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Psychologia Balnearia

CD (edition in 1000 copies)

realized in collaboration with Alphonse Anougna. produced by the association "Les Jardins en Terrasses" and Alphonse Anougna.

It was while waiting for a flat in Plombières to begin my art residency, that I started to reflect about the concept of a drop of water. That last drop that can make a vase overflow. The same one which would be lost in a bucket or in the ocean. This was my state of mind and the point my mind had arrived to when I set foot in Plombières.

A drop of water rhythms life like a ticking clock. A drop of water is a poem. A drop of water is music. From a leaking tap to the tapping on the roof when it rains, the drop of water is unique and ephemeral. In this humid Spa town, I had the impression it spoke to me more than ever. We recognise drops when we see them, we hear them too, but we never take the time to actually listen to them.

It is theses sounds, with irregular beats in spite of an impression of regularity, nearly unperceived, these monotonous and solitary sounds of Nature and of everyday life which fill my poetic and artistic world, that Alphonse Anougna has composed with. His blue note suddenly awakes this monologue about the drop of water.

Here's 3 excerpts (out of 13) of the album "Psychologia Balnearia"


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Psychologia Balnearia